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An Ace Desire by Constance Bougie

In which I do not love,

Do not want him close—

But think it would be nice,

To touch his lips—

Reach out with

Two fingers and

Push at his pink,

Trying to feel for intimacy

In which I do not love,

Do not want him

For a prolonged time,

But think it could be good—

To feel his lips—

Reaching out in

Asexual curiosity,

Thinking maybe,

Thinking maybe

Constance Bougie is an undergraduate English major with focuses in creative writing and LGBTQ+ studies. They have previously published poems and short stories in Bramble, Vulture Bones, Polemical Zine, and Passionfruit. They edit the Victorian lit mag Wilde Boy. Follow them on Twitter @cpbwrites.


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