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Possession by C. Aloysius Mariotti

Updated: Nov 1, 2019


run those fields of gold until they sour. trip through unripe brownish landscape with short breaths though I will catch you. I will pick you up by the throat and crackle bones so you fold and hum like a broken string, sort of unright in the black moving air. there was a girl you had – lorelei – gone beyond droogen punches and gasps. not your fault, no. families move but I can still creep and blush downward drifts. and such blood that pours when she sleeps, when you catch her,

a star – dogs sometimes cruise the road, below glows of old galactic explosion. they hunt, sure thing. but they loiter too and wait for papa to say that people just die. it’s the way – and to hunt or to bite throats from despair is what compels them to lunge from here to there, a star that bursts sad and unheard, a reason to accept the cold flow.

I know your face, son. it wants to look down and do things uncommon to worlds known. to run paths craggy and blistered to smack a dog in its face and say it’s my turn! to say it’s your thing to curve roads and suck life from desolate minds with broken hearts! do it – succumb to devil and join the roll of the earth’s spin, dizzy yourself to make sense of it.

lorelei, she lay frozen as Pluto. you made sure of that – what girl thinks she can outrun troubled fingers wanting a squeeze? kiss away those closed eyes, kiss those lips, kiss goodbye the vanilla smell from her mouth. kiss away playgrounds and dolls and lemonade stands

and future. kiss, kiss.

C. Aloysius Mariotti was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Arizona. He studied creative writing at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he listened to a lot of Rush, Radiohead, and PJ Harvey. His work has been featured in Black Bough Poetry, Marias at Sampaguitas, Boston Accent Lit, and Dark Marrow, among others. His first chapbook—Scream into my Mouth as a Waterfall—comes out March 2020 with Rhythm & Bones Press. 

Twitter: @Lonesome_Noise IG: the.mariotti

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