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restless in pieces by Vanessa Maki

when you think of the dead / you don’t necessarily imagine / people coming back as

zombies / who tear flesh from bones / or munch on skin/ you think of decaying

corpses / if they were buried / in my case / i have died / & been brought back to life /

i’m an undead zombie / my body is in tact but my heart is/ restless / in pieces / how do

i reassemble it? / can i use crazy glue to repair it? / maybe stick pins in it / to keep it

together / scrape away the decay / scrape away the scabs / how can i remedy such a

dilemma ? / or will the rest of me / follow my heart

Vanessa Maki is a queer writer, artist & blk feminist whose work has appeared or will appear in various places. She has self-published chapbooks & has several chapbooks forthcoming or out this year: the chosen one (Animal Heart Press), sweet like limes (Bone & Ink Press), decayed state (marlskarx) & another final girl (Roaring Junior Press).

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