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Some Day Traveling Carnivals Will Be America’s University System by Justin Evans

Summer walks in gradual, but leaves in a huff,

leaving me to fend for myself during

autumn chills. I have no names for the months—

only the way they feel on my bare arms. I would

apologize for my ignorance but I know enough to

keep my mouth shut, not like when the meteors fell

and we stayed up after closing time alone talking

in whispers. That night was pure summer, and

in some ways was the beginning of my entire life.

Justin Evans is the author of four chapbooks and four full length collections of poetry.  A fifth full length collection written with his friend, Jeff Newberry, is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2019.  He lives in rural Nevada with his wife, Becky, an award winning Cosplay Artist/Creator, and his sons, where he teaches at the local high school.  

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