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The internet is a two-egded sword, Judith by Isaac O. Daramola

Dear Judith,


There's no better way to put this, but apparently, I'm scared I would lose my last interacting story viewer the moment I change my IG profile image. So, saby1007 is the reason I have a teen-ful face with a dental brace still hunting my IG profile. Even you, Judith, would be lost in the turmoil.


I'm so confused. I don't know if hearting your tweet about the death of your Nana would pass on the right message. I don't love that your paternal grandma just passed away from suffering

Alzheimer, it's just that 17.3k people already hearted it, and it seems the right thing to do, Judith.


I once DMed you what I thought was 'brb please.' You replied with a confused emoji plus giant question marks, and I later had to essay down that the content was rather a mistake. I could feel your rage biting meat off my left ear already. The distance between A-B on the QWERTY judged me, while I judged the auto-correct interested in your bra.


A single ‘less than three’ (<3) on WhatsApp would beat like the sound of warlords. But you

would think my heart literally beat for you, so I planned on sending two <3s to stabilize this

effect, but then you would think my love for you is beyond me already.


P.S- Just in case you tech guys intercept this mail, tell Mark no soul wanted the beating <3


With love,

Jude. <3

Oluwasegun Isaac Daramola (he/him) is a poet, writer, and a Biomedical Science student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He’s currently working on his debut crime/thriller novel and a poetry collection. His work has appeared in journals such as 'Cephalopress,' ‘Mineral literary magazine,’ ‘What are birds,' 'Pangolin review', and the University Editorial board.

Twitter- @isaacdarawrites

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