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this was necessary by Afieya Kipp

i’ve made love to an

abundance of

elizabeths and

avas and

karinas let’s not

forget kiras

and oh my god

what about tianas

and danielles that preferred

dani and

ebonys and paolas

and chantes

that covered their bodies

in glitter and walked with me

to my car to kiss under

the headlamps in a parking lot.

i hid in bushes from the moms

and dads of courtneys

and harleys

and ravens and

ginas even bought

engagement rings

once for

a bunch of

lolas rented

cabins for a bevy

of biancas diswashered

dildos for my ace babes

ashantis that go by

‘aidens’ now.

and even when

i was all woven into

the quilts of queer

i still convinced

myself of a

story where i


with one beau

like a lady


Afieya Kipp (she/her) is a queer poet, editor and text-based artist born in Brooklyn, NY. She lives in northern New Jersey where she carries poems in her wallet and is an MFA candidate at Lindenwood University. Follow her on Twitter @AfieyaK.

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