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Three poems by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Mesmerized by Her Hands

From A portrait by Alfred Stieglitz of Georgia O'Keeffe (3), 1918

She loves to wear my dark

blue Navy pea coat

and nothing else. She loves

the soft feel, the weight

of anticipation loving

to unfasten the buttons,

squirming so beautifully

underneath, the way she stands

there wanting to slide off

my coat, who needs a fire

in our shivery bedroom as she

wildly heats me. I am mesmerized

by her hands, the way she loves

to trace every inch of my coat,

no nail polish, just an au natural

grip, she pulls me closer,

the magnetic warmth engulfs

us as she softly spreads my navy

blue open, azul wrapping the coat

around us both, the last thing

I remember the tracing sparks

Her fingernails on my chest

eye lashes she wildly paint

brushing my attention

loving our instant cuerpo

connection igniting fingertips

running her tips up and down

my skin, loving as she leans

glowing closer, our breaths

so caliente like a match

this feeling already kindling

the heat between us.

Between My Shadow

From photograph of Frida Kahlo in Beyond the myth exhibition at MUDEC of Milan

I feel most naked

without my canvas

colores, no brushes

no paint on my fingers

no smudges, as el sol

rises. let me hide here

white boda dress see-through

exposing my au natural

color, mi sangre, silencio

avoided other fiesta voices

toasting chisme, drinking

chistes, tomando laughter

as I glow here in the corner

they want to paint me

too many whispered drunk

unbottled impressions

they don’t want to feel

oír me, color me over

love to abstract my voice,

I don’t belong to Diego,

soy casado, I am wedded

to mis pinturas. They want

to cuardro wall me leaving

me displayed to show off

their piece obra of arte,

hanging in darkness, oscura,

I am more than a painting

standing here between

mi sombra invisible,

sin beauty mascara

no concealer on my face

a masterpiece unfinished,

naturally blushing… my choice—


They Asked Me About Drugs

“I need my little addiction to you.”

— Anne Sexton

I told them about her eyes,

she was the kind the vision

you wanted to inhale, a line

of pure MDMA ecstasy

one blink would send

shivers down your rippling

spine. Wanting to taste

her all the way down,

she looks like your favorite

hit, you snorted just to feel

her reflecting her winking

beauty off the make-up mirror

in Bump Decatur in French

Quarter. She is the kind

of kiss you want to ingest

feeling her lips rise up

as she licks you down

your pulsating veins.

She is the speed you

want to swallow,

keeping you up

as she straddles you

awake where ever she

takes you, you crave

to follow her

like drowning tomorrows

within shots of Southern

Comfort, she is the chaser

you pursue with every

sip, she drinks you,

see her giggling

blurry, reaching out

you hear but can never

feel her, this beautiful

addiction keeps mirroring

much closer in the morning

your cravings resurface

empty bottles reflect retasting

the fear, you always need one

more hit to exist you reaching

for her invisible spirit,

your favorite high always

loves to beautifully disappear.

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the author of the full-length poetry collection Flashes & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press and the poetry chapbook So Many Flowers, So Little Time from Red Mare Press. His latest work Between the Spine is a collection of erotic love poems that will be published in 2019 with Picture Show Press.

His poetry has been featured in Frontier Poetry, poeticdiversity, The Wild Word, The Fem, Pussy Magic Press, Tiferet Journal, Rigorous, Palette Poetry, Rogue Agent Journal, Tin Lunchbox Review, Rhythm & Bones Lit, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Yellow Chair Review and Lunch Ticket’s Special Issue: Celebrating 20 Years of Antioch University Los Angeles MFA in Creative Writing.

One of his poems was named the winner of Subterranean Blue Poetry’s 2016 "The Children of Orpheus" Anthology Contest and two of his poems “Buzz Me” and “Estranged Fruit” were nominated for Best of the Net in 2015 and 2016.

Adrian is an LA Poet who has a BA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and he is also a graduate of the MFA program at Antioch University in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and their cat Woody Gold. You can connect with Adrian on his website:

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