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Two Poems by Akin-Ademola Emmanuel


If the words are too heavy to let into mom's ears

Or perhaps if it would douse her smile with tears & clench

Her tooth in agony.

Resort to the garden & chew bitterleaves with

It's green blood.

Borrow an eon with galls till your tongue

Has learned to become a vinegar.

Sprawl upon the highways & run when you see

A heavy vehicle, listen to blues & give your prayers.

Then speak the words if it would come when you

Want to tell her what & how.

Look at her eyes-- disperse your lies with fragrance

& see if it wouldn't raise her brows & your words

Stinking like a wasted body on the roads-- swollen with putrefaction.


Never had I known that

A wind-lash would throw me to the mountains

Staring at the vales all day &

Counting the leaves that resonated with the


You will never understand how my tie

Grips my neck to work & seminars--

So far loosened itself, hanging on the ankle

Of my wardrobe.

Perhaps this made me a child,

I am not given the will;

I am only left with a choice to spell the words


Bring me to a moment I would prefer after this,

Where i kissed the wind

With my loved ones & listened to jazz grooves

With a tea cup.

Solitude is a grace for those who understand the power of now.

Akin-Ademola Emmanuel Nigeria-born writer and student activist. His works have appeared in PAROUSIA magazine, communicatorsleague, and elsewhere. He loves playing video games if he's not writing or reading. His memes can be seen on instagram via apostle_of_words_ .

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