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Two Poems by Linda M. Crate

i'll fight with any light i have

beneath a tapestry of stars

sings a moon

crescent and silver

reminding me that i don't have

to be whole in order to shine,

and i will always take

whatever light i have to illuminate

the darkness so that the truth can shine through;

my heart and my voice are my weapons

of choice

against all the monsters and nightmares

wandering around in the dark

trying to take away peace of mind—

all these people

trying to control women

only want one thing to make them

villains and felons

so they cannot vote,

but abortion should be a personal choice

not a governmental law;

all they want is more cogs in their machine

want to send our sons and daughters to war

they don't care about the price it costs to our hearts

or our families

all they care about is their own wants and needs.

you're playing with fire

"you better not be a lesbian"

sexuality isn't a choice

i certainly wouldn't choose a reality

where you stopped loving me

or judged me

because once i loved a girl

i may not be a lesbian, but my arrows

are bent not straight;

i am done living in a closet though

because skeletons make poor conversationalists—

i have always loved rainbows

because they are full of light,

and if you looked into my heart you would

see that my heart is, too;

love is love and love is the greatest magic we have

the only spell we can cast into this world to chase away

nightmares and hate

so i will wield this light with a badge of honor

use my dreams as a shield against the black song

of hate

until only light remains in this realm and the darkness

is whispered back to void because i am sick

of the exhaustion and chaos that comes

in a world where everyone is supposed to be just another cog

rather than themselves

i am sorry but i will never be anything less than me—

you're playing with fire

when you tell me that i shouldn't be me

because i refuse to be anyone less than who i am.

Linda M. Crate's works have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines both online and in print. She is the author of six published books of poetry, a micro-chap, and the novel Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books). Linda prefers even numbers to odd although she couldn't tell you why that is. 

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